Why I’m a sponsor of Leticia’s Show on CBS: An exclusive interview with the star and creator

When I was a little girl, my favorite Disney princess was Leticia.

And I grew up with her on my Disney Princess collection.

The first time I saw Leticia in the movie was in 1977, when she was on the beach in The Jungle Book, and I was so happy to see her again.

She was a huge Disney fan.

And so was my little sister, because they grew up watching Leticia, and we would watch the movies together.

It was magical.

And in a way, it was so much more than the movie because we were so obsessed with Leticia and how she lived.

We grew up together, and now I get to talk to her about her career, her life, her career.

She’s a superstar, and she’s one of the most important people in the Disney Princess universe.

But Leticia wasn’t the only one.

My sister was also a Disney princess, and so was I. And we were inseparable, and the whole thing was magical, but we weren’t like the other Disney princesses.

Leticia was a Disney star, and my sister was a superstar.

And our lives were so intertwined, because we grew up in the same house.

I grew into her life so well, I can’t even describe it.

I don’t know if you’ve ever had a childhood like ours, but I don of course remember her being like this beautiful young girl, this little princess, so full of life, so young.

And my sister always had a great sense of humor.

She had this great sense that she was a princess.

She just had so much fun, and there was so many moments where she would just smile, and it would be a very special moment.

And she would come up to me and she would say, “Leticia, don’t you have a crush on me?”

And I would go, “Oh, I do.

It’s nothing serious.”

But I would always get really excited about it.

But, of course, she had a crush, because she just loved her little princess.

And they were really, really good friends.

And then, of all the Disney princess girls, Leticia really came into my life because I grew so fond of her.

And that was really important to me.

She did this thing with her friends in the house that she would always do this thing where she was really happy, but also really happy when they were alone.

And when they weren’t together, she was like, “This is what happens when we’re alone together.”

And she was very much like that.

She never, ever, would do that.

And this was really her secret to growing up in this house.

She always had this thing of being so happy and happy and joyful when she had her friends, and when she felt alone, she would cry and say, I love you, and that’s how she would feel when she couldn’t be with them.

She would just cry and cry.

And her sisters would be like, I know, but let’s just not cry.

But she would still cry, and sometimes it would really be hard for her to be alone.

But it was really special because we all were really close.

We all grew up on the same Disney Princess shows, and they were so much like family.

And you never really had any reason to separate us.

So, you know, she’s my sister, and even though she was the princess, I’m her sister, too.

She has that same spirit, and also that same talent, that I think is something that’s really, truly special.

And the way she lives her life has just been such an incredible gift.

She lives her own life, she has her own little adventures, and all of this just adds up to make her really special.

It doesn’t make her a princess, it just makes her someone who lives her whole life on her own.

And it’s just really fun.

She does so many things that are really special, and her career is just a reflection of it.

And if you talk to any of the Disney people, they would all tell you that she has a gift.

I think the reason that she’s such a big star is because she really does have a special talent.

And sometimes it doesn’t seem like it, because people may think that it doesn, but it really is.

She can sing, she can dance, she is just so talented.

I’m so excited to be able to talk with her, because I think it’s going to be really fun, because the show is going to expand on her career as a performer.

It is such a special career for her.

It also means a lot to be a part of the show, because Leticia is one of those amazing people that have been able to build up this career on the side, so it’s really great to have her on board. So when