When The NBA Will Start Using the “ESPN” Logo

ESPN is the first sports network to officially use the “NBA” brand, but it’s not the only one.

The network is also getting its own logo.

On Friday, the network announced that it will use the ESPN logo for the network’s new “ProjectS,” a series of live events and tournaments to showcase the league.

ESPN’s announcement is the latest step in an effort to expand its sports programming, and while the network has long had a partnership with ESPN, this marks a big one.

“The NBA ProjectS will be ESPN’s first-ever live, online-only series featuring the most exciting, action-packed NBA players, coaches, executives and players-turned-businesspeople,” ESPN said in a statement.

“In partnership with ProjectS, we’re excited to bring you live, interactive coverage of NBA games every day of the week, all year long.”

ProjectS is expected to debut on March 16.

While there is no set release date yet, it will be available for streaming and on-demand.

ESPN will also make its “NBA Sports Live” program available on a daily basis, with live NBA broadcasts and exclusive content, like special features and behind-the-scenes content.

ESPN has long been known for its live NBA coverage, but the network was only able to launch ProjectS in May of last year.

It was the first time ESPN had done something like this in a network’s history, and the network quickly built a loyal audience for its sports coverage.

“We know that NBA fans want to watch the games live, so we’re thrilled to launch the first-of-its-kind NBA Sports Live experience on ESPN,” ESPN president John Skipper said in the announcement.

“With NBA Sports LIVE, we will deliver on the promise of the live experience, bringing the NBA to millions of fans around the world.

We are also thrilled to be able to expand our coverage of the NBA’s elite to a daily, 24/7 schedule.”

NBA fans will be able watch every single game live and on demand, as well as on ESPN’s ESPN app.

ProjectS was launched with the help of ESPN’s existing sports programming partnerships.

For example, ESPN partnered with the NBA on ProjectS to host a two-day, six-city series in 2019.

Additionally, the networks TVA Sports and NBCUniversal partnered with ESPN on Project S in 2019 to produce a six-game series.