When Fox News sponsors Fox News, it’s a new way to go, says Fox News CEO

The network is looking to expand its audience, especially with advertisers who have long supported Fox News and other conservative networks.

Fox News host Megyn Kelly has been one of the network’s most popular hosts, which has attracted advertisers.

The network’s new ads are targeting millennials, the group that most likely to watch Fox News during prime time.

The new ads feature Kelly discussing her new book, “The Big Lie,” and a new line from the book that explains her desire to take her own life.

Kelly’s new book has generated $3 million in new book sales, according to the publisher.

Kelly has also become a star of the right-wing network’s “The Five” program, which airs on Fox News on Saturdays and Sundays at 9 p.m. and 11 p.c. and is an extension of the Fox News brand.

Fox News has recently focused on its “Fox & Friends” and “Fox News Sunday” programming, as well as a new digital platform that will launch later this month.

The ad campaign also features Kelly, the network and the conservative group Family Research Council, according a Fox News statement.

The network said the ads were created as part of a larger program to engage with young people.

The ads have been available since March, but Fox News hasn’t made any plans to run them again, a network spokesperson told Axios.