Visa fraud has been a boon for employers with sponsored workers

4 years ago 4 years later The number of employers sponsoring workers has grown from 5,000 to more than 100,000, according to a report released by the National Employment Law Project.

The study found that the number of unauthorized workers who were paid by employers was $6.1 billion in 2015, an increase of $3.4 billion from the previous year.

Many employers have switched to paid employment programs for their employees, like a work permit, but they still can’t use these to hire workers legally.

In addition, the report found that while more than 1 in 4 unauthorized workers were paid in some form, only 4 in 10 were fully covered under the federal worker safety law.

“While it’s hard to imagine that many employers would be willing to let their workers go to work for free if they thought that this would help them keep up with costs, there’s a growing consensus among employers that this is the best way to keep workers from going to work without the protections of the law,” said Matthew R. Wertheim, senior fellow at the National Partnership for Women & Families.

This report comes just days after a federal appeals court blocked the Department of Homeland Security’s policy of allowing employees to hire and fire for up to five years.