Unveiled: United Sports Group unveils new logo

United Sports Corp., which owns the United States National Team, is introducing a new look to its corporate logo.

The new logo will be unveiled at an event in Orlando, Florida, on June 30, the company said on its website.

It is expected to be unveiled by the company’s chairman, Bill McGuire, in Orlando.

“United Sports is thrilled to be partnering with the U.S. Soccer Federation on a brand-new logo that we believe will be a bold, modern and memorable statement of intent for our brand,” McGuire said in a statement.

“The new design is a departure from our previous branding which was a mishmash of old and new logos and was based on the American flag, with a strong American iconography.

We hope that this new design reflects the current state of the game and the future of soccer in the United Kingdom.”

McGuire, a former United States national team player, said the new logo represents a “complete rethinking of our brand.”

“We’re looking to embrace a new era of sport with a new design that reflects our core values, including the values of diversity and inclusion,” McGuires said.

The logo was designed by the sports agency DDB Partners.

It was unveiled at a press conference held in London by McGuire and a group of senior executives, including U.K. Secretary of State for Sports Danny Williams and chief executive of the British Sports Commission, Michael O’Halloran.

The design was developed by the advertising agency Dribbble.

It is a combination of elements from the United Arab Emirates’ Emirates National Football Association and the United State Soccer Federation logo.

McGuires said that U.B.S.’s new logo would be “a strong statement of our desire to bring our sport and sportmanship to the next level.”

The United States is hosting the 2022 World Cup in South Africa, which is a major event for the soccer nation.