‘The Man’ and ‘The Game’ host to be featured in a new reality show about the NBA

“We are proud to announce that The Man and The Game” will be featured on a new series, ‘NBA 2K17,’ airing on the Fox Sports channel, beginning this season.

The series will debut with two games: the NBA 2K16 season and the season finale.

“We are excited to be bringing this exciting franchise to Fox Sports, where viewers will have access to one of the most iconic sports in the world,” said John Madden, chairman and CEO of Fox Sports.

“With a passion for the game and a passion to help grow the game in the NBA, we feel this is the perfect fit for us to bring this story to life.”

The series will premiere on the network on April 11, and will run for two seasons.

The series’ theme will be ‘NBA Legends: The Game.’

In the series, two-time NBA champion Michael Jordan and NBA champion LeBron James will battle for the title of the league’s greatest player, and the series will highlight the story of the careers of the stars and the game’s legends.

The winner will be crowned NBA All-Star at the 2013 NBA All Star Game.