NFL’s NFLPA launches new ‘Gold Sponsors’ page for 2018

NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith unveiled the new Gold Sponsors page on Monday, which will feature all the NFLPA sponsors who are currently licensed to sell on NFL games or other live events.

As part of the page, Smith said, NFL teams, players and coaches can register for a free 30-day trial of a Gold Sponsorship by clicking on the “Gold Sponsor” link on the right side of the “Sponsors” tab.

The Gold Sponsor trial will run from May 6-10 and offers a free, limited-time Gold Sponsoring membership for up to five players, according to the NFL’s website.

The Gold Sponsores page also includes an “All-Access” section, which includes exclusive information about each Gold Sponsored sponsor on each of the NFL games that they will be participating in, including their name, logo, website address and phone number.

Each Gold Sponsore currently sells at least one item of merchandise, including hats, hoodies, apparel and jerseys, Smith added.

For those interested in buying a Gold Sponsor, Smith encouraged people to call their local NFL team and ask them to “help them become a Gold Member.”

For example, Smith told Polygon, the Cleveland Browns are a Gold member for the first time this season.

He added that the new “Gold Sponsor” page will also feature information about how to contact each team’s marketing department and if a Gold Partner has an event on the schedule.

“I think the gold member benefits of this are great, but we also know that the Gold Member benefits of the partnership are great as well,” Smith said.

The NFLPA also released the following statement:The NFL has always been committed to supporting all teams and their sponsors through the development and promotion of their products and services.

The NFLPA is proud to partner with all teams across the NFL, and the Gold Sponsorial membership offers a great opportunity to continue to do so.

The gold member has a free trial of Gold Sponsory for up in five players and the opportunity to earn Gold Membership membership after just one season.

For those interested, you can call the league at 1-888-LIFELAWS-NFL (1-888, 724-724).