I’ve had some great luck with YouTube sponsors, which have helped me save money on my annual budget

YouTube has become the gold standard for getting paid for videos on YouTube.

With thousands of videos being posted every minute, you can expect to get paid fairly.

But when it comes to video marketing, the number one problem is that there are a number of companies who are making money from you just because they have a YouTube channel.

Here’s a list of some of the top paid YouTube channels, in order of their YouTube subscribers.1.

YouTube’s Partner Program2.

YouTube Partner (for paid videos)3.

YouTube Partners (for free content)4.

YouTube Live Streaming (for sponsored content)5.

YouTube Music (for featured videos)6.

YouTube Video (for live content)7.

YouTube TV (for TV commercials)8.

YouTube Playlists (for popular YouTube videos)9.

YouTube Channels (for branded channels)10.

YouTube Promotions (for giveaways)11.

YouTube Videos (for commercials)12.

YouTube Stickers (for stickers)13.

YouTube Events (for special events)14.

YouTube Content (for video content)15.

YouTube Adwords (for advertising)16.

YouTube Ads (for banners)17.

YouTube Market (for search)18.

YouTube Money (for referral fees)19.

YouTube Reviews (for reviews)20.

YouTube Affiliate Programs (for affiliate programs)21.

YouTube Audience Research (for customer research)22.

YouTube Influencers (for influencers)23.

YouTube Top 100 (for top 100 videos)24.

YouTube Subscriber Insights (for subscriber insights)25.

YouTube Keywords (top 10 keywords)26.

YouTube Search (top 20 search terms)27.

YouTube Analytics (top 40 keyword ideas)28.

YouTube Trends (top 50 keyword ideas and trends)29.

YouTube Podcasts (top 80 keyword ideas for podcasts)30.

YouTube Mixtapes (top 100 podcast episodes)31.

YouTube Sports (top 120 podcasts)32.

YouTube Movies (top 150 podcasts)33.

YouTube Tournaments (top 200 podcasts)34.

YouTube Sponsorships (top 250 podcasts)35.

YouTube Community (top 300 podcasts)36.

YouTube Games (top 400 podcasts)37.

YouTube Travel (top 500 podcasts)38.

YouTube Marketing (top 600 podcasts)39.

YouTube YouTube News (top 700 podcasts)40.

YouTube Gaming (top 800 podcasts)