India to launch pokerstars sponsorship of national team

India has announced it will launch a partnership with a global pokerstars operator with plans to launch the country’s first professional poker players’ league by 2022.

Pokerstars, the largest international online poker platform, is expected to unveil its plans to support Indian teams, including its National Team, on Tuesday, sources told The Hindu.

The sports arm of the global sports conglomerate is a major sponsor of the national team and the Indian team.

Papal Palace, which has the power to appoint the coach of Indian teams from the national squad, has announced that its board will appoint the national coach for the 2022-23 season and also appoint the assistant coach.

The announcement comes ahead of the upcoming Asian Games in the Indian capital, New Delhi.

The move comes after the National Sports Council for India (NSCII) last month said that it had reached an agreement with Pinnacle Sports, a sports operator based in the United States.

The partnership between the two entities would allow the two parties to operate as a joint venture with an aim to bring about professional and social benefits for the teams.

Pinnacle Sports has signed a contract with the Indian government that will see the national football team and Indian men’s cricket team be jointly sponsored by Pinnacle, sources said.

Pulse Sports, the Indian football team’s sponsor, is also part of the agreement, sources confirmed.

Predicting the success of the Indian National team in the upcoming Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Pinnacle CEO Suman Das said that the Indian athletes and coaches would get the chance to perform with the world’s best athletes.