How to win at golf with the ‘best’ rule

Golfers with a penchant for making the wrong shot may find themselves out of a tournament or a title match.

A new rule changes the game by forcing players to play in the same round for a minimum of 10 minutes and then to play as many as three rounds with one shot each.

Golfers can play a maximum of five rounds, including an optional third round.

The rule changes mean the players in the top 10 at the Australian Open will have to play their three rounds against one another.

“They’ll get five rounds and then play against another top 10 player who will have played eight rounds, which will give them another three rounds,” golf commentator Sam Fuller said.

“That’s a really good format, so I’m happy with that.”

The rules are the same for the Australian Women’s World Cup and the Australian Masters, as well as the World Golf Championships-Amateur.

“It is the same rules as before, it is the rules of the game,” golf tournament director Phil Hill said.