How to watch Dublin vs Galway: RTE exclusive with Paul O’Connor

Paul OʼConnor has been at the forefront of the battle for an Ireland win in Dublin.

He has been the man in the centre of the Dublin team that has been working hard and trying to achieve something special this summer. 

This is the time of year when Irish football fans are looking for their team to make a statement. 

The best Irish team will be the best team in the world.

We have to make the statement and we are not going to give up. 

On Sunday, OʻConnor will be joined by his Galway team-mates for a special Ireland vs Ireland fixture in the Capital. 

I will be doing some interviews and interviews with a couple of the other Irish players but we are trying to make it as special as possible. 

In this exclusive interview, Paul O′Connor talks about the importance of a victory over Ireland, the importance in his career of winning, and the fact that he can not wait to see his team go into the weekend with an exciting lead over Ireland. 

It is a big game but it is a very exciting game to watch. 

What can you tell us about the Irish team? 

I think the first thing you can say about the Ireland squad is that it is very strong. 

There are so many great players on the pitch, the squad is very solid. 

We are going to play with a lot of energy. 

My biggest worry for the team is to make sure that we can create opportunities for our players. 

That is the biggest thing we have to focus on. 

Do you think the Ireland team can come back from the loss against Scotland? 

It will be a massive challenge for us. 

You are always going to get disappointed by a result. 

But we will take it and we will come out with a very positive attitude and show that we are going through a tough period. 

Is this the first time you have played in a major tournament? 

We know that we have played many tournaments but this is our first major tournament. 

Are there any players that you would like to see play more? 

There is definitely one player who I would like us to bring out more of. 

Will you be looking to play for your home team?