How to keep your NHL team sponsors happy

The NHL’s top sponsors are trying to stay in the news, so to stay on top of their latest announcements and the teams latest announcements, they’re turning to Twitter.

As of Thursday, the NHL’s sponsors account tweeted more than 1,400 times with the hashtag #HockeyIsLife, including some of the most important and timely news for hockey in Canada.

The NHL, NHLPA, NHLN and Rogers all used the hashtag during the NHL Awards and the Hockey Hall of Fame ceremony.

The tweets are from Twitter’s official team accounts, which are the social media accounts of NHL teams, league offices, media partners and more.

The accounts can’t tweet directly to players or teams, however, as they’re using a custom app called Twitter for managing the accounts.

They’re still using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which Twitter says are for advertisers and not the fans.

While they have to make it to Twitter’s account page, the official NHL account has been tweeting a lot about the league, including the team’s recent Stanley Cup wins and recent international events.

Twitter also released a special update on Thursday, letting the public know that the NHL has reached a new sponsorship agreement with the National Hockey League Players’ Association.

This deal will see the NHLPA and NHL start airing the league’s games on television in Canada and the U.S. in 2018.

As for what’s next, Rogers is continuing to announce its new NHL team sponsorship.

The deal is worth $2 billion over five years, with Rogers’ shares rising 25 per cent in the latest report.

The company has also signed an agreement with Puma, which will bring Puma to the new Rogers Rogers Sportsplex in downtown Toronto.

Rogers is also announcing that it is working with the Toronto Raptors, who also signed a new, five-year, $1.6 billion sponsorship deal with Rogers.

The Rogers Sportsnet brand is part of the new deal.

Rogers has also announced that it will offer a new digital subscription package starting this summer, with access to the NHL, team logos, digital content and a subscription-only digital channel.