How to find out if a company is a sponsor of Polygon

The new Polygon app lets you quickly find out who is a Polygon sponsor.

In the past, the app was limited to showing sponsored content, and it would sometimes leave you wondering if you had stumbled across a company’s advertising or editorial content.

Now, with this update, the new app lets users quickly find the sponsoring company on a company page, which includes an “Editorial Sponsorship” link.

If the company has a profile, you’ll also see a summary of its editorial content, including the company’s name and the logo for the company.

Users can also scroll through the company pages, clicking on any of the company icons to expand and narrow the search.

The company page will display a company logo and a company icon in the top-left corner.

Polygon also now allows users to filter out all sponsored content by hovering over the company name and clicking “Hide All.”

If you’re a reader, this might be worth the extra effort.

If you click the “Hide” button, you will get a popup asking you if you want to disable the feature.

To disable the filter, just click the orange “X” icon at the top of the search results.

If that’s not enough, users can now “Unfiltered” by going to the top right of the Polygon homepage and clicking on the “unfiltered tab.”

Here, you can now un-filter your searches by clicking the “X,” “X-” or “X and-” buttons.

Polygons new Sponsored Content Page (left) and “Hide all” buttons (right).

Polygon’s new Sponsors page (top left).

In addition to the new “unfilm” option, users are also now able to “Unfilm” the “Unfavorited” and “Unfavorite” categories on a page that has a “Company Info” tab.

If users scroll through these categories, they will be able to filter them for sponsored content.

If they scroll through all the categories, you may see the “Sponsored” tab at the bottom of the page.

To un-filter the “Company Information” tab, click the X button at the left of the “Show Sponsored” button.

This will take you to the “Favorited and Unfavorished” tabs.

There, users will be asked to filter the “Companies” tab out of the view.

Users will then be able “Unflick” the box next to the company logo to remove it from the view, and “Func” the icon next to “Company.”

If users click “Show All” at the right, they can see all the companies they can search for.

If an article or a company has “Sponsor” in its name, you should be able see the company page on the company website.