How to Build a Billion Dollar Brand on a $2 Billion Ticket Budget

Sponsors and other businesses are lining up to take advantage of the potential for a billion-dollar boost in ticket sales for the 2020-21 season. 

In the case of the Chicago Bulls, they’re going to be spending big on the first of two new arenas in Chicago.

The Bulls will use the new facilities for the 2017-18 and 2018-19 seasons.

They’re the largest in the NBA, seating approximately 5,000 fans per game. 

The first of these is the United Center, which will be opened in 2018 and seat up to 10,000.

It will have the most seats in the league, as well as be the second largest in terms of seating capacity.

The second arena will be the United Airlines Arena, which is being built to hold about 6,000, and will seat about 4,000 more. 

According to Chicago-based sports marketing agency Serena Williams, the Bulls have set their sights on the second arena, the Toyota Center, to open next year.

That venue is expected to sell out, with seats expected to go for as much as $50,000 per game for the first two seasons. 

That’s right.

Tickets for a Bulls game are $50 each and can go for upwards of $100 per game in the first year, up to $150 per game once the season starts. 

To put that in perspective, the new seats at the United Centre in 2017 cost $5.3 million per game, according to a Chicago Business Journal article.

That would make the new Bulls arena the most expensive in the city, with a $15 million price tag.

The most expensive NBA team in the country to sell tickets to is the Denver Nuggets at $25.3M per game and the Chicago Blackhawks at $18.2M per year. 

And that’s just for the current season.

Tickets at the new United Center are expected to top out at $60 a game.

It’s expected that this is going to go up from there, with tickets expected to double to $80 in 2019-20.

That’s right, tickets will double to around $120 a game, up from around $60. 

It’s unclear whether these new seats will include the new retractable roof that the Bulls and the new arena are set to use, which could allow the new roof to have a greater capacity. 

As for what fans will be able to see, the team is expected not to reveal much.

They only said that the first game will be played at the arena.

But they also said that fans can expect to see some of the Bulls top stars.

They will be joined by former NBA player Charles Oakley, who played for the Bulls from 1996 to 1998, as a part of the team’s opening night parade. 

There’s no word on whether the Bulls will be using some of their superstars in the game.

But fans will get to see the stars of the NBA and other teams. 

For the Bulls, the arena will also house the team headquarters.

This will be their third NBA arena and they’ve already had success in their first two arenas.

The United Center is home to the Bulls’ practice facility and the team practices at the same facility, as is the Toyota Centre.

The Toyota Center is also home to Chicago’s team headquarters, as they are the primary training facility for the Chicago Bears and the Indiana Pacers. 

On the flip side, fans will also be able access a brand new basketball court, called the Toyota Basketball Arena, for the 2018-2019 season.

The arena will host a brand-new basketball court that will be constructed by the NBA.

It was designed by renowned architects Robert Venturi and Peter Pocklington. 

Additionally, fans can also expect to witness some of Chicago’s stars in the arena, including Pau Gasol, who will be joining the Bulls for his second season with the team. 

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