How the NCAA, the NCAA and others have been using the travel ban to gain political leverage

CBS News has obtained exclusive access to the confidential letters from NCAAs leadership and NCAA leadership to the Trump administration.

The letters, signed by President Mike Pence, NCAAS President and CEO Jeff Biederman, NCAA Vice President of Athletics and former presidents of the Pac-12 Conference and the ACC, were among hundreds of thousands of documents obtained by CBS News through a Freedom of Information Act request.

The NCAas letter addressed Trump’s executive order limiting immigration and immigration to the United States, the memorandum that Congress approved in March to temporarily suspend immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries and the proposed travel ban.

Trump’s order also temporarily banned entry of individuals from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya and Yemen.

The NCAA, ACC and other leagues have threatened to withhold their championships if the executive order remains in place.

The letter from the NACAs leadership stated that the letter was written to “help you understand the scope of the NACA’s outreach to the president regarding your Executive Order and our continued efforts to keep you informed.”

The letter was signed by Biedeman, president of the National Collegiate Athletic Association; Biedman, executive vice president of operations; President and chief executive officer of the American College Athletic Association (ACAA); and former NCAA President Joe Paterno.

The presidents of all three leagues have previously spoken out against the travel bans.

The National Collegioambre Association of Collegiate Football and the National Football League both issued statements opposing the travel restrictions.

The NBA issued a statement that the NBA has been working with the NCAA to ensure that we have a full understanding of the impact of the Executive Order.

CBS News also obtained the letter from Paterna, who has called the travel order “an abomination” and said he is concerned about the “federal government’s ability to interpret and apply this executive order to our state and local sports programs.”

Paterneas letter to Pence, Biedermans letter to Trump, ACC’s statement on travel ban and NBA’s statement regarding travel ban: “We are concerned about how this Executive Order will impact the lives of many individuals in our community.

The executive order is a serious threat to the safety of our country and we are concerned that the administration has no legal basis for the executive orders actions.”

Paters letter to President Pence: “The president of our university and I have reached an agreement in principle to cooperate on this matter.

As we have said, we have been and remain committed to a strong and productive relationship.

We look forward to continued constructive and collaborative dialogue on behalf of all our university stakeholders.

We have been informed that the NCEA will begin the process of implementing this Executive order, and that we are encouraged that the NCAA is working with us to ensure our participation.”

NCAA statement on Trump travel ban, Paternas letter: “NCAA has a long history of working with our partners to ensure the security of our athletes.

We are committed to protecting the safety and security of all athletes on and off the field.

We believe in a robust, robust, safe environment and our policies and programs are based on the highest standards of security and accountability.

We continue to work closely with the White House, the Department of Justice and the Office of Management and Budget to provide as much information as possible to inform the administration’s decision-making process.

We remain committed, however, to having a full and transparent process that is both fair and equitable for all players.”

NCAA’s statement supporting travel ban in response to Trump: “Our universities have been working for months to provide a safe environment for our athletes, coaches and staff.

We understand that this Executive Decision affects many, many people, including students, staff, parents, students, alumni, students-athletes and parents-athlete.

We will continue to be transparent about the process that will be used to determine whether our schools will participate in this decision.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with the administration on this important issue.”

CBS News first reported on the NCCA letter to the administration.