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Sponsors of the Premier League have released the results of the betting markets for the next week as it comes to light the Premier league has been the most popular betting sport in the country since 2010.

It is believed to be a surprise to many that the league has remained the most profitable league in the world.

The results of Thursday’s Premier League betting markets will be released on Thursday evening.

The data, compiled by betting website Betfair, shows the Premier leagues biggest markets have a combined revenue of £8 billion ($13 billion).

The league has a total prize fund of £1.5 billion ($2.4 billion).

Its the most expensive league in Europe, with its prize fund set to be the most lucrative in history, at £2.6 billion ($3.8 billion).

This is according to the Betfair figures.

Premier League revenue last year was £8.8 million ($14.4 million).

The biggest markets for Premier League football are Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea, according to Betfair.

The Premier League, which began in the 1980s, has been dominated by a single league in English football, which has seen it become the world’s most popular sport.

Its also been the world football’s most lucrative league, making a profit of £21.7 million ($37.4m) last year.

Betfair says the Premier clubs spend more than £100 million ($145 million) per week in the Premier competitions.

The biggest Premier League spenders in 2014-15 were Manchester United £65 million ($98 million) and Arsenal £57 million ($95 million).

Arsenal also made a record profit last year, making £26.7million ($38.4million).

Manchester United were in the top 10 of the latest list, making up a whopping £54.6 million ($77.8million).