Google’s new logo is a lot more colorful

Google has updated its logo with a brighter color palette that reflects its expanding global reach.

The company’s logo has long been black, with its white-on-black design on the upper left corner.

Google is aiming to create a more inclusive look for its global audience, as it moves away from its black and white past.

It has been using a color palette called “light gray,” which was chosen by the team at Google, according to a post on the company’s blog.

The logo’s new look is more vibrant and bold.

Google’s “light grey” color scheme is much more colorful than the black and red of its previous logo, which was used for a short time in 2014.

Google is also using a new version of the “Google” logo.

The company has used the new logo in a variety of places, including its search logo and its new mobile apps.

The new logo also reflects Google’s global ambitions.

It is used in nearly every country and territory where the search giant has offices, including the United States, Canada, Brazil, Australia, India, New Zealand, Mexico, Mexico City, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan.

Google has also added a new Google+ logo, designed by David Warshak.

Google+ is a social network that lets users connect and share with others from across the world.

The change is also being driven by a shift in the company itself.

Google will be launching its own version of Android later this year, a major change from the company of the past.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said at the Google I/O event that Google was taking the decision to make its own Android version in part because Android is a much better operating system than iOS and Windows Phone, two of the companys main competitors.

“It’s really a matter of making Android our default operating system, and it’s a really smart way to go about it,” Pichay said.

Pichai also revealed that Google is working with Apple on developing a new OS that will be available in a year.

“We’re making a lot of effort in this space and working with them to create something that is really good,” Puchay said of the new OS.

“And this is something that’s going to be available as soon as the new hardware starts rolling out,” he added.