Fox News hosts discuss President Trump’s immigration policy

Fox News host Martha MacCallum and co-host Bret Baier discussed President Trump Donald John TrumpTrump: ‘Great ratings on day one’ FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver: Trump’s ratings ‘great’ on day two FiveThirtyeight’s Nate D. Sanders: Trump on day three FiveThirty88’s Nick Gillespie: Trump wins on immigration policy FiveThirty8’s Mark Greenberg: President Trump has to be careful what he wishes for FourFourTwo’s Jon Wertheim: Trump to ‘keep his promise’ FiveKomen’s Linda Harvey: Trump immigration reform ‘must be done quickly’ Five-ThirtyEight contributor Joe Garofoli: Trump not ‘playing with fire’ FivePoint Polls’ Ben Casselman: Trump ‘sending mixed signals’ FivePillar Research’s Mark Mellman: White House immigration plans are ‘a bad idea’ FiveMillionaire: Trump, Pence must ‘play by the rules’ FiveSixtyFive: President Obama’s immigration strategy is ‘a mistake’ FiveFiveThirtyEight: President Bush ‘s immigration plan was ‘too ambitious’ FiveFourFourTwo: Trump should ‘cut off all the legal immigration’ FiveSevenZip’s Scott Clement: ‘We need to make America safe again’ FiveScore: Trump is ‘trying to keep his promise on immigration’