Bayern Munich and sponsor chelsesea to give back to the CrossFit community

GERMANY’S top football club FC Bayern München announced plans on Wednesday to give money back to CrossFit, an exercise training program that helps improve athletic performance and reduce risk of illness and injury.

The club said the Crossfit program will be given a one-time $1.5 million gift, which will go toward a new gymnasium and training facility for the soccer club.

The move comes as the German club has been criticized by athletes and athletes’ rights groups for being slow to acknowledge CrossFit’s contribution to the health of the sports community.

The German club was one of the first sports organizations to accept CrossFit as a sport.

But CrossFit and other fitness programs have grown in popularity in recent years and have become increasingly popular in Germany, where athletes compete on a weekly basis in the Cross Fit competitions and have been given incentives to compete.

The club said it will also use the money to support CrossFit programs in other sports, such as swimming, cycling, diving, boxing and soccer.

The CrossFit foundation, which is made up of CrossFit athletes, said the new CrossFit facility will be a key part of the club’s efforts to help the health and wellness of athletes, staff and the community.