A $25,000 gift for golfers who find a sponsor

A $250,000 golf gift from the Puma family will go toward helping golfers find new sponsors.

The Puma Golf Foundation announced the gift on Tuesday to help golfers identify sponsors who will benefit from their sport and create a lasting legacy.

“This gift will help ensure that every golfer who takes the time to learn and play golf is treated with the same level of respect as a top-tier golfer,” Puma Foundation President and CEO Dr. Eric Pramas said.

Pramas praised the generosity of Puma golfers for helping Puma become a recognized and respected brand.

“We’re proud to give our golf players a gift that will help them become the golfers they aspire to be, the people they aspire for and the best-kept secrets in the game of golf,” Pramansaid.

Puma Golf has partnered with the Golf Club of North America (GCNA) to create a program that will provide golfers with personalized advice and tips to help them win sponsorships in the future.

Puma also is working with other sponsors to make their brands more accessible to more golfers.

“Our goal is to reach as many golfers as possible with the latest information and the most effective advice to help improve their game,” Praamsaid.